I have chosen not blight the neighbourhoods with ‘static’ lawn signs, but instead I will use a ‘mobile’ advertisement to promote my candidacy for the office of Mayor.
My campaign is environmental friendly, will save trees, paper, and reduce garbage.  The entire sign can be 100% recycled as a construction material.

As opposed to the other candidates, Ottawans do not have to pay for my campaign.  Since I did not sign for the “contribution rebate” that the other candidates have, there is no cost to the taxpayers and the funds are not taken away from our city budget to pay for my signs.  Unfortunately, Ottawa Citizens have to pay for hundreds of thousands of lawn signs across the city that other candidates already placed.

I also will not bother you by knocking at your door or calling in the least convenient time; instead I am available for you via telephone, email and one of your neighbourhood streets.  If you like to invite me to your area, please make the request and I will be happy to show up there personally in the next few days.  I will listen and discuss your neighbourhood issues.

I run entire election campaign without any support from developers, corporations, even the political friends.  So, there will be no obligation to repay, and no privileges for selected contractors, corporations, developers, political friends, after I am selected.

The reason I have chosen to run for the Office of the Mayor is that in my opinion, there were not any viable candidates to vote for.  So, my only alternative was to not vote, like the majority of Ottawans did during the last election, or voting for someone I do not want be a mayor; therefore, I decided to put my name on the list.  I have enough skills, experience, and optimism to successfully run the city of Ottawa, making the majority of our citizens feel proud.

Difficulties related to transportation, garbage, safety, education, homelessness can be resolved without rising a taxes if city would operate more like business.  City should create income without increasing fees or issuing more parking tickets; there are other ways for revenue.

Please go to my web site www.anweiler.ca where you can find answers to most of you questions.  There are listed not only information but also detailed solutions to our city problems.  Every day I add more information, so please visit my page frequently.  Please read all my blogs there, so you will know my platform and me better.

Since 29 of May 2006, I have dedicated to the city a lot of my time and money to run this campaign.  What I am asking you to do in return is to go and vote Nov 13 for the best Mayor for our city.