Personal Rapid Transit presentation October 11th, 12th and 13th in Ottawa.  No more Science Fiction, Come and see a genuine operational model.

Want to do something about higher gas prices, pollution and Global Warming?  We do not have to create waste and congestion moving a ton to move a person.  We can invent better solutions, especially for repetitive travel.

Congested, highly repetitive travel can be automated at a great savings.  PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) is a physical version of the Internet.  People get in the vehicle, tell the computer where they want to go and it takes them there.  As elevators provide access within a building, PRT is a network “horizontal elevators” providing access between buildings.

As a candidate for mayor I invite you to see an example of PRT, JPods:

-        University of Ottawa, in front of the Faculty of Engineering 11 October 2006 (for students and staff)

-        Carleton University, McKenzie court yard 12 October 2006 (for students and staff)

-        Intersection of Wellington and Elgin St. 13 October 2006 (public and media)

Presentations will be held in the morning and afternoons for all 3 dates.  

Its designer, Bill James from Minnesota, will present this working prototype of JPods.  Combining roller coaster mechanics with computer controls creates a physical network that automates personal travel at a faction of the energy, accidents, congestion and pollution costs. To learn more about JPODs please visit web site:

PRT It is like having a chauffeured car at everyone’s disposal.  There is no age discrimination; old or young people can move when they want.  There is no wealth discrimination; wealthy or poor can afford the same quality of personal transportation.  There is no capacity to drive discrimination; able bodied, disabled can move with equal capacity.  There is a great safely improvement as driver errors are removed; cell phones, eating, drinking are no longer are a threat to everyone on the road.

Here is the Finding of EU Study[1] on transportation:  PRT contributes significantly to transport policy and all related policy objectives. This innovative transport concept allows affordable mobility for all groups in society and represents opportunities for achieving equity. …PRT is the personalization of public transport, the first public transport system which can really attract car users and which can cover its operating cost and even capital cost at a wider market penetration. PRT complements existing public transport networks. PRT is characterized through attractive transport services and high safety.”  

Here is what the President of Minneapolis City Council said, “A well developed idea.” … “Computerized transit networks, a physical version of the Internet, will increase personal mobility of our school kids, the economically challenged, our senior citizens, the disabled community and those stuck in rush-hour traffic. It will give more people access to the facilities that make Minneapolis a great city. And in the long run, besides being energy and ecologically efficient, a new job market will be created that enhances the attractiveness of living and working within our city.”

PRT, a public transit network should be part of a long-term plan to improve the quality of life of Ottawa residents for the next hundred years.  Leading in efforts to deploy this new infrastructure will create jobs in Ottawa.

I hope we will have PRT shortly in Ottawa.  First as a small 4-5 km. long track for example from UO to UC, or the War Museum up to the Civilization Museum or the Casino in Hull.  It is many times less expensive than LRT, many times faster to build and more convenient, many times more energy and carrying efficient, many times less pollutant.

To see what we can get for less than 1 billion dollars instead of LRT, please go to:


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