Illustration: Michal Kracik Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow under direction of prof. Maria Dziedzic


Piotr Anweiler
for Ottawa Mayor

MISTER Illustr. Michał Kracik


Welcome to my Platform
I have chosen not blight the neighbourhoods with ‘static’ lawn signs, but instead I will use a ‘mobile’ advertisement to promote my candidacy for the office of Mayor.
My campaign is environmental friendly, will save trees, paper, and reduce garbage.  The entire sign can be 100% recycled as a construction material.
You, as a city's taxpayer will not pay for it.

One of many Ottawans who did his "civic duty"...

I'm glad I did my "civic duty" and searched [too bad it had to be so much work] to find you, Pitr, and the other "Invisible Three" candidates. Amazingly, you're still not doing badly in polls... But I didn't know you existed until a few hours ago. Your stand not to use public funds for environmentally corrupt signage is admirable; but, you really have to find a way to get your name visible enough for people to Google it and see what you stand for. ;-) I saw enough on your website in the first 5 minutes to win my vote. I hope you win the election because of it!

Tyler Reynolds

Is this true? Have you really put your support behind O'Brien? If so, I will vote for him as your proxy; however, I won't enjoy it as much even though it will put Munter and Chiarelli out on their asses.


Tyler Reynolds

Media Coverage Issue.   
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It is not Science Fiction, PRT for Ottawa

Ottawa can be the first city in the World implementing a new transportation system of PRT type.

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Underground Subway
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The only solution/opportunity for
Homeless People and the City. 
  • Real Resocialization instead of attracting more homeless people.
  • None extra funds required.
  • More job opportunities.
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Waste-to-Energy and investigate a new technology that converts Garbage into Construction Materials
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Illegal Graffiti Solution click here.
Scent-free Ottawa
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cash-rebate is a waste of taxpayers' money and is not a fair deal for Ottawa taxpayers, nor an honest way to convince individuals for their donation........... 
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Why not in Ottawa?

For me, who has been 50% deaf since birth, it is very difficult to learn a new language.  Especially word pronunciation, because having only one ear, the words come to my brain in a diverse form.  So please be patient listening to me.