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Piotr Anweiler
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Personal Bio

Piotr Anweiler was born in May 1961 in Warsaw, Poland.  There he finished automotive college and took his first steps into the business world.  As a teenager, for 8 years he was very active in the youth organization (ZHP), where he had held a leadership position.

For a few years Piotr was a firefighter in a busy fire station in downtown Warsaw.  While working there his daughter Patrycja was born (presently a University of Ottawa student).

20 years ago, Piotr relocated to Germany, where he had worked for several years in different areas and finally opened his own transportation business.  6 years later his son Karol was born (presently a High School student).

In 1992 Piotr immigrated with his family to Canada and settled in London, ON.   After being in Canada for two weeks Piotr bought a US Franchise retail store.  The first year, running his business in London, was for Piotr very challenging.  He says that it was an equivalent for a Master Business Degree at Harvard University, and not only from the financial point of view.

Piotr continuously was upgrading his education in both the automotive and computer fields while also being active in the local society.  In 1994 he was one of the initiators of the Polish Cabaret, where for the next 2 years Piotr was singing and acting.  In 1995, after he passed the government exam as a Motor Vehicle Mechanic, Piotr sold his franchise business.  He thought to open his own dealership garage but accepted an automotive technician position with an Acura Dealer.  At the same time on the site he opened and operated an import/wholesale business.

Unfortunately, a year later Piotr had an accident at work and as a consequence of it he has a small metal piece in his leg.  Shortly after his surgery, Piotr decided to move to Ottawa, and once more he tried to continue his career as a mechanic in a newly opened Canadian Tire Store in Kanata.  A few months later Piotr realized that his leg would never recover and he would not be able to work as a mechanic anymore.  Because of his limited ability to walk his import and wholesale business slowed down also.

Again, he did not give up and decided to continue his career in business and the computer fields.  Piotr entered the Business College and graduated in 1999.  Next, he entered the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Engineering and graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2003.

Piotr’s mind was always full of original ideas; therefore, he decided to open his own software business and do what he knew the best.  Presently Piotr Anweiler is the President of Aplusb Software Corporation and has reached his goal launching his unique and successful products.

In the mean time, for almost 2 years, Piotr was the founder, writer, editor, and publisher of a Polish local magazine “ZYCIE OTTAWY” (renamed to "ZYCIE POLONII"), which issued 1000 copies in all the Polish stores and the Church in the city.  Living in Ottawa, Piotr voluntarily worked in different areas. He was on the Polish School Board and was designing a database for the Ottawa Botanical Garden Society.  In 2004 Piotr made donations to all Public and Catholic high school libraries.  Each High School in Ottawa had received (through their School Board) Multilingual Educational Software designed and developed by Piotr Anweiler.  In 2005-2006 he donated his software to Toronto and Chicago high schools.  Giving his software as prizes for different kinds of contests he supported an Ottawa Radio Station. 

Piotr is very active; he organized a Social Club, and with his leadership skills he prepared different types of activities for his broad based friends in the community.  Piotr spends a lot of time with his children; he thinks that the time, which parents spend with their own children, is proportional to the time that children will spend with them after they have left the nest.  Piotr is a lector in the Church and a member of Statistics Canada Toast Masters Club, where he works to improve his leadership and speaking skills.  Weekend evenings he loves spending in the Ottawa downtown atmosphere, visiting different clubs and trying different foods.

Living for more than 10 years in Ottawa, Piotr has noticed many problems and at the same time the many opportunities that the city and its citizens can face.  It is a great city with huge potential he says.  Therefore a few years ago Piotr decided to run for the mayor position in Ottawa’s City Hall.  From his nomination on the last day of May and up to the 13th of November 2006, Piotr was campaigning across the city.  He met thousands of people and visited many different organizations; he went through numerous public debates and media interviews.

Piotr joined the Green Party of Canada because of his beliefs.  The Green Party’s platform is similar to Piotr’s vision for the World.  Piotr believes that Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), which was part of his environmental friendly platform in the municipal election 2006, is a very important issue for all Canadians and the entire World.  It can be a solution not only for energy saving and a clean environment matter, but also for many other problems we as a society face.

Piotr decided to be a candidate for a Member of the Canadian Parliament to improve the quality of life for all Canadians.  He knows how to be a leader.  Working on various career levels, he has learned how to deal with problems, always finding the best solution.  Visiting many countries on a few continents he observed different life styles and political difficulties roused there.  Piotr knows that Canada is the best place to live and he wants to sustain it in this way for our children.

Piotr’s passion is work, his gift is unlimited number of extraordinary ideas, and the World is for him a challenging experience without any secrets.  High quality in workmanship is his standard.  Piotr never has broken his word and he wants to continue this way.  He prefers compromises and open discussion instead of anger and war.  He, as a chess player, can see the future with all steps toward it.

To show how focused Piotr is and how hard is to break him can be a fact that he is a 42.195 kilometres marathon medalist; he has ran and competed 3 times in international marathons  Other evidence of his dedication can be seen in the fact that since 1973 he did not give up his Martial Arts hobby even though he endured a few surgeries and has some limitations.  Living in Poland, Germany, and Canada, to keep him in shape, Piotr has been actively continuing his passion and has walked through many different styles of Martial Arts.  For the last 9 years Piotr has been training in Taekwondo in which he has involved both of his children.

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